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Your fence is much more than just a visual statement regarding the size of your property. It provides you with privacy, security and a means of heightening the appearance of your home or business. When looking for the best in local fencing contractors for installation or repair, turning to Fairfield CA Fence Company will bring you the most experienced services in Fairfield, Suisun City and Cordelia, California.

About Us

We have been in the business of providing the best fencing to the region for many years. We have a strong focus on using USA fencing supplies and providing you with much more than your average Home Depot fencing. Whether you’re looking for the picturesque picket fence, dog fence or garden fence installation as well as a variety of other property perimeter options, choosing to reach out to the experts we provide will ensure that you have a fence put in place that you will be proud to show off to your neighborhood.

About Fairfield, California – where we install and repair fences

Fairfield is a city in, and the county seat of, Solano County, California, in the North Bay sub-region of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is generally considered the midpoint between the cities of San Francisco and Sacramento, approximately 16 miles from the Carquinez Bridge, and 14 miles from the Benicia Bridge. Fairfield was founded in 1856 by clippership captain Robert H. Waterman, and named after his former hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut.
It is the home of Travis Air Force Base and the headquarters of Jelly Belly. With a population of around 120,000 , it is slightly smaller in population than Vallejo. We install fences through Fairfield as well as in other nearby cities including Suisun City, Vacaville, Rio Vista, Benicia, and Napa.


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    Fence Contractor Fairfield | About Our Fence Company
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    In order to deliver on the past fencing experience, we first ensure that you have the capability to obtain a variety of different fencing services when you need them. Whether this is for a new installation, repairs, maintenance or other finishing treatments, choosing to call into our offices will provide you with the capability to have the right experts brought to your property quickly and reliably. If you need new wood fence panels or curious about bamboo fencing options, calling Fairfield CA Fence Company is the most effective means of getting the information you need and having the capability to book upcoming services.

    Wood Fencing and Gates
    Vinyl Fencing and Gates
    Chain-Link Fencing

    Wood Fencing and Gates

    Wood has always been one of the most common fencing materials used across the country and when looking for a fence installation for your property, it is one that’s always in the discussion. Whether you’re looking for a new installation for a building being constructed, quality repairs or Woodgate services, you can count on Fairfield CA Fence Company to bring you a high level of experience and expertise but this particular fencing material.

    Vinyl Fencing and Gates

    If you’re looking for a modern look that provides you with resilience as well as affordability, looking to a vinyl fence installation can be the perfect addition. These fence types are great for pool fencing as they provide you a high level of waterproof nature as well as simple maintenance. Whatever the color or design you’re looking for; you can be sure that our fencing contractors have the capability to bring you the perfect fence installation.

    Chain-Link Fencing

    Whether for temporary fencing, commercial fencing or standard residential fence needs, looking to chain-link can provide you with affordability and simplicity when it comes to installation and repair. This particular material is great for outside kennels, temporary fencing for events and many other utilities, making it one of the most popular fencing material choices in the city. We provide you with a range of different installation options and visual designs in order to give you the perfect result.

    wood fence Fairfield
    vinyl fence Fairfield
    chain link fence Fairfield

    Wrought Iron Fencing and Gates
    Aluminum Fencing and Gates
    Privacy and Pool Fencing

    Wrought Iron Fencing and Gates

    Possibly the most iconic fencing material in terms of style and the statement made by its sheer presence, a wrought iron fence has always been an installation that makes an impact. Whether you’re looking to surround a historical building or to give your property a sense of exclusivity, you can count on our professionals to provide you with the highest level of capability and experience when it comes to this selective material.

    Aluminum Fencing and Gates

    Aluminum fence options provide you with the best of both worlds when it comes to reliability and design choice. This particular fencing material has been growing in popularity over the last decade and is finding itself adorned on properties of all types across Fairfield. We bring you a wide range of different designs and color options, bringing you more than just the metal fence installation you’re looking but the capability to highlight your property properly.

    Privacy and Pool Fencing

    Whether you’re looking to provide a higher sense of privacy in your yard or a sense of security when it comes to access to your property pool, looking to the options that we provide in terms of privacy fence installation or pool fence repair will ensure that you have reliability in place. We are dedicated to bringing you more than just a great-looking fence but also to providing one that lives up to your required utility.

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    Aluminum fence Fairfield

    Contact Us Today

    Having a reliable means of contact between our professionals and our clients is an important aspect of the services that we provide. We understand that our installations will be closely tied with the anesthetic and utility of your property for many years to come and therefore continually aim to bring you the highest quality results in terms of both practicality and appearance. For everything from split rail fence installation to lattice fence repair and all options in between, choosing to reach out your local professionals at Fairfield CA Fence Company will provide you with the highest quality services in town.

    “I wanted to ensure that my fence installation was exactly what I needed and so I turned to a variety of different fences review sites and kept seeing Fairfield CA Fence Company. After hearing so many rave reviews, I decided to call them and needless to say the accolades are not unwarranted.” – Jeff M.

    “A few years ago I turned to Fairfield CA Fence Company for a wrought iron fence installation and they are the only ones that I trust to provide any services or repairs I need. They are always really friendly over the phone and deliver services quickly.” – Jacob D.

    “I was looking for a simple dog fence for my backyard and was worried that it would cost way too much. After talking to Fairfield CA Fence Company though, they put my mind at ease. There installation was just what I wanted and directly on their quoted price.” – Wendy T.